The Little Legal Agenda Takes its First Step

2015-06-10    |   

The Little Legal Agenda Takes its First Step

The Legal Agenda is proud to launch its junior sister publication for children, The Little Legal Agenda. The new publication will carry the thoughts of our young colleagues. These children think of their animal friends, Beirut’s main public park (Horsh) where they would like to run and play hide and seek but are denied entry, and the fairness of carrying their father’s, rather than mother’s, last name when they love both parents dearly. Their thoughts are more pure and less bound to established norms. They are less convinced of the inevitability of realities or rules that separate them for one reason or another from other creatures or children, including those of refugee parents or living in orphanages. They are capable of befriending the entire planet and all that grows and moves on its surface. They are capable of confidently questioning the injustice behind encaging a bird or failing to feed a puppy. Their Agenda is more innocent and pristine. Their ideas are commensurate with the dreams behind them. With our little colleagues on board, The Legal Agenda’s family, hopes, and horizon have grown. Together, we shall ponder the means of creating a more beautiful world.  

This article is an edited translation from Arabic.

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