Region: Lebanon
Duration: 2014-2020

The Legal Agenda developed two draft laws, one for reforming the judicial courts and the other for reforming the administrative courts in terms of organization and procedure. The participatory drafting process combined the experience and expertise of various experts and institutions in Lebanon and abroad.

Region: Lebanon
Duration: 2018-ongoing
Partners: The Lebanese Observatory for the Rights of Workers and Employees (LOWER) and Oxfam Lebanon

The "My Work, My Rights!" network was launched by Oxfam, the Legal Agenda, and the Lebanese Observatory for the Rights of Workers and Employees in July 2018 and includes a dozen civil society organizations. Since its inception, the network has worked on monitoring violations of workers’ rights, providing legal support to workers in various sectors, advocating for the right to decent work and social protection, and raising awareness of the rights and duties stipulated in the Lebanese Labor Code, the Social Security Law, and international standards. The network aims to help improve the protection of individuals working in the regulated and unregulated labor market in Lebanon.

Region: Lebanon
Duration: 2013-ongoing

This project aims to promote the rights of migrant domestic workers and improve their access to justice by incorporating their issues into public debate. In this framework, the Legal Agenda conducts research and develops resources to support the role of lawyers and the judiciary in reinforcing domestic workers’ rights in Lebanon.

Region: Lebanon
Duration: 2018-2020

This project aims to enhance access to information and protection for individuals who report corruption. The Legal Agenda has developed various resources for people working in this field and helped secure legal protection and media coverage for human rights defenders, activists, and whistleblowers prosecuted because of their work.

Region: Lebanon
Duration: 2017-2020
Partners: Legal Action–Lebanon

This project aims to help incorporate sexual and gender-based violence into public debate and empower lawyers and judges to use the legal frameworks to protect the victims. To this end, the Legal Agenda has developed a variety of strategic litigation materials, delivered training to people working in the field, and provided legal support and media coverage for the victims.

Region: Middle East, North Africa, South America
Duration: 2017–2020
Partners: The Centre for the Study of Law, Justice and Society–Dejusticia

This project aims to build a collaborative relationship between two Global South organizations, namely the Legal Agenda (Lebanon) and Dejusticia (Colombia), via experience sharing and the creation of work synergies. It seeks to strengthen social and economic rights in the Global South by supporting judicial accountability and strategic litigation.