The Refugee Regime is Failing: A call for reform from the Global South

2020-06-19    |   

The international refugee regime is failing to provide refugees and forcibly displaced persons with permanent and durable solutions. States in the global south host the overwhelming majority of refugees. While states in the global north continue to closed their borders to those seeking refuge and asylum. Regular routes to migration, integration and resettlement are scarce and near-inaccessible for the 71.8 million forcibly displaced persons in the world. As we witness the continued growth of forcibly displaced persons internationally, Legal Agenda and DeJusticia, are launching an urgent call to reform the international refugee regime. We stand in solidarity with every forcibly displaced person who faces xenophobic laws, preventing them from accessing residency and work in their host state. We stand in solidarity with every refugee who fled war and has been denied the right to rebuild their future.

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