Strategic Litigation Model: From Theory to Practice, Lessons from Colombia and Lebanon

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Strategic Litigation Model: From Theory to Practice, Lessons from Colombia and Lebanon

The Center for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) and The Legal Agenda jointly developed this strategic litigation model manual as a contribution to the practice on public interest litigation. It is meant to complement available manuals through promulgating lessons which two Global South organizations have learned through their extensive experience pursuing strategic litigation in Colombia and the Latin American region (Dejusticia), as well as in Lebanon and the Middle Eastern and North African regions (The Legal Agenda).

This manual is meant for civil society organizations, law clinics, and individuals who have pursued their own public interest lawsuits or are interested in doing so and who would appreciate insights from the experiences of other Global South organizations. Each step is explained through actual cases that Dejusticia and      The Legal Agenda have pursued, with reflections on what worked and what did not.

The design of this strategic litigation model was only possible thanks to the work of every single litigant, researcher, allied organization, community, and people with whom we, Dejusticia and The Legal Agenda, have been working with every day on this path of defending human rights and social justice.

This model is not meant to be prescriptive and it is based in our practice on litigation. It is intended to be used as a toolkit to be improved upon with lessons learned from every case. As learning is a key pillar of this model, we encourage readers to retool the model and keep improving it with each new case they pursue.

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