Report on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Lebanon

2021-01-15    |   

Report on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Lebanon

This report aims to provide a contextual description of the legal landscape of gender based violence in Lebanon. It specifically addresses the different legal contexts of girls and women living in Lebanon exploring three levels of legality: the national, regional and international legal framework. Starting with a general overview of the Lebanese legal system and the different strategies of reform adopted thus far, it then delves deeper in analyzing the national, regional and legal frameworks. It addresses the broader social, economic, political and cultural barriers which undermine women’s ability to seek justice and hopes to provide a brief, yet thorough, analysis of the various forms of gender based violence that women in Lebanon face, serving as a guide for professionals and gender justice advocates. This report does not intend to address all these barriers in depth, but rather focuses on assessing gender-based violence through 4 primary prisms: domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment within the workplace, and human trafficking and forced labor.


The finding are the product of a three year project on the matter, a collaboration between The Legal Agenda and LAW. The proposed reforms have been incorporated in the following strategic framework document.

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