Main Arab Legal Events: The Legal Agenda’s Perspective Weekly Note noo 21 (21-28 January 2013)

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Main Arab Legal Events: The Legal Agenda’s Perspective
Weekly Note noo 21 (21-28 January 2013)

Port Said Massacre’s Firm Sentences Spark a New Massacre:
And the Alexandria Court Lost Half of its Archives?
Yemen toward Escalation as Government Fails to Implement the Verdict Relevant to the Revolution’s Injured People
Legal Verdict Dismisses as Unfounded the Apostasy Case Filed against the Liberal Activist Raef Badawi in Saudi Arabia

1- Egypt
-The files of 21 persons accused of riot in the Port Said events were submitted to the Mufti to pass on a death sentence against them. It should be noted that the events publicly known as “the Port Said Massacre” took place following a football match where 72 people were killed and 254 others injured. The verdict that should be pronounced at a court session on March 19, 2013 sparked riot acts that led to another massacre (where 40 people were killed and hundred others injured.)
-The president of the Alexandria court of first instance declared that the fire burned half of Alexandria’s cases’ archives.

2- Yemen:
-The Yemeni revolution’s injured people headed towards escalation through calls for a sit-in and an open hunger strike at the Prime Ministry’s headquarters starting January 29, 2013, as the government failed to implement the verdict related to their case. They demanded that all those responsible for such a delay in implementation be referred to the General Prosecution.

3- Lebanon:
-Beirut’s Criminal Court issued a verdict according to which it acquitted Abdul Karim Jamil Mehou from charges of “posting internet statements insulting and defaming the President of the country, and undermining the ties between Lebanon and a sister country”, on grounds that the expressions addressed by the convicted   to the President of the Republic back then, Emile Lahoud, describing him as a tyrant and oppressor reflect nothing but a mere freedom of opinion, and that his anti-Syrian articles are simply an opposition statement that cause no harm to the relations between the two countries. The verdict is all the more important at a time where dozens of arrests and convictions are taking place in the Gulf, on charges of offending the dignity of a king, prince or sultan. It is worth signaling that a former president is concerned in this case.

Beyond the Weekly Note:

-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
A Saudi court issued a verdict according to which it dismissed as unfounded the charges of apostasy pressed against the liberal blogger and activist “Raef Badawi”.

The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights held the Emirati authorities responsible for the forced disappearance of the Bahraini Rights activist “Jamshir Feyrouz” (since January 13). At a later stage, it was signaled that Feyrouz was handed to the Bahraini authorities for having been involved in an ethical case in 2011.

Prepared by Christelle El-Feghaly

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