Crisis of an ethical nature at the highest levels of the judiciary The judiciary as a public cause: it is time for us to rise to the defense of the judiciary’s independence and integrity

2012-03-01    |   

Following the resignation of a high-level judge following the accusations of bribery, a group of judges drafted a petition addressed to the Judicial Inspection Authority and the Appellate Public Prosecution demanding that the appropriate measures be taken to establish the truth and hold those responsible accountable.
However, this petition has yet to be signed, as a result of pressure being exerted on judges to remain silent over this issue.
In light of this, the Legal Agenda is calling upon all those who take an interest in the public sphere to sign this petition which seeks to:
First, reassert the right of judges to participate in the judicial reform process and express their views, whether individually or collectively; for what reform of the judiciary can there be without independence?
Second, to break the wall of silence regarding corruption within the judiciary; for silence is a wrong that opens up the space for countless wrongs to be committed

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